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Full-automatic Flexible Edition Printer Views:1829


Adopt the high-accuracy little cave to support the black system, can use the water-retaining property of the ring to print ink, solvent type printing ink or change into UV printing ink in printing ink. Because all kinds of print into thing material, is it seal to set 360° wanton to change week to print, look through by X surface roller it prints to be can two-sided to print have heavy elastic change at the same time, Various kinds of line process mechanism, is it to have light, to have UV, bronzing pressing protruding, replying membrane laminate, use magnetic roll line ball could cut the edges of paper of bottom, is it charge paper platform can cut pieces of mould person who cut single to choose.
Adopt gentle edition print ceramic roller support black system, have with paper roll only to print, have the light, gilt and laminates, after dividing piece press protruding, mould cut. The reel charges the material cuts out and cuts single one, piles on one pile of multiple moulds cutting.
1、It adopts ceramic mesh roller to convey ink.
2、Feeding and discharging are controlled through magnetic powder brake and clutch(Japanese Mitsbish aut tension controller).
3、Each printing unit adopts 360°circumference register regulator.
4、Each printing unit adopts has a group of infrared drying unit.
5、The inking roller can automatically fall off at stoppage and transfer at low speed in order to keep the ink from being dry and solid.
6、The main motor adopts imported converter to govern in a steppless way.
7、The roll feeding, printing, polishing, auto infrared drying, laminating and rolling can be processed in one processing. So it is an ideal printing machine for the commercial bill to print high-graded free adhesive trademark.
Range of application: Including various kinds of material print trade mark, aluminum foil, plastics, cup cover, membrane, meal box, card wrappings computer label.

Main Technical Variable:

Printing speed (m/min) : 60米/分钟
Printing color (color) : 5色
Max web width (mm): 320mm
Max printing width (mm) : 310mm
Max putting diameter (mm ): 600mm
Max winding diameter (mm ) : 550mm
Printing cycle (mm): 175-320mm
Precision of overprint (mm) : ±0.1mm
Overall dimensions ( L x W x H ) (m): 2×1.1×2.1
Machine weight (kg) : 2000kg
Weight machines : 6000kg
Power : 200V/AC.Three Phase 50/60H 50A 17.3KVA

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